Catering Domaniowski has exactly what you’re looking for.


Cooking a tasty and perfectly balanced meal requires knowledge and experience. We know this very well, so we invest in the best cooks, headed by the renowned and esteemed creator of taste, Bartłomiej Półcienniak—our chef. Trained in London, known for his appearances on ‘Top Chef’ as well as his achievements in fusion cuisine, he personally prepares the best dishes from Poland and various parts of the world.


This is what brings our team together. We work very hard to make the food on your plate tempting in terms of taste, aroma, and finesse. This enables us to reach our customers’ hearts—by way of their stomachs!


Catering Domaniowski employs highly competent and qualified people. Our team includes as many as ten skilled cooks, as well as a quick and efficient staff. Thanks to their harmonious teamwork, we’re able to prepare and serve meals for businesses, social events, and training sessions, as well as weddings and receptions.


We do our job with diligence and commitment. We know what’s healthiest, and so we offer our customers well-balanced dietetic programs, along with fresh and tasty meals. By choosing our company, you choose professional catering solutions confirmed by hundreds of recommendations.