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Do you sometimes leave home without breakfast?

Do you snack instead of having a full meal during the day?

Or do you buy ready-made, unhealthy food at hit-and- miss places because you’re short on time?

If you want to eat well and feel well, you can’t let your diet be hit-and- miss. Reduce your stress, give yourself more free time, and eat healthy. Trust a company that knows how to prepare nutritious meals. Bet on Catering Domaniowski.

We let you order dishes from a menu that suits your nutritional needs. Every day, we’ll provide you with 5 fresh and healthy meals at the address you specify. This way, you don’t have to spend time on grocery shopping, planning your diet, or cooking. Every day you gain 2‒3 hours for yourself while eating tastier and healthier food.

Catering Domaniowski supplies its products to the following cities in Poland:



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