Make sure you’ve chosen the right setting for your dinner. Catering Domaniowski will prepare a menu and dishes so tasty that your guests won’t want to get up from the table.


Bet on a tasty, strengthening meal for your business lunch. Show your partners that you know not only your work, but good food as well.


During important meetings and negotiations, everything must be arranged down to the last detail. We’re aware of this, so we create each dish, served by our discreet staff, with our utmost commitment. Dazzle your special guests with the taste of our dishes!


When the sun is shining and the weather is nice, we recommend an outdoor barbecue or picnic. This kind of fresh-air relaxation will effectively loosen up the atmosphere. Catering Domaniowski can provide the perfect setting for these events.


This is a perfect opportunity not only to learn the secrets of the kitchen, but also to get to know each other. Cooking together under the guidance of masters of the culinary art brings people together and awakens new passions. Get your guests involved and cook delicious dishes with them—dishes that will become a permanent feature of your kitchen!


Catering Domianiowski will see to the comfort of your guests during all types of conferences. We’ll deliver the right ingredients and prepare meals that the participants will remember for a long time.


What’s this all about? Three things: a surprising location, a unique menu, and special guests. The traveling restaurant, one of our competitive services, is all about the organization of culinary meetings in unusual places. The roof of an office building, a park, an old meeting hall, maybe a yard in front of the house? Let your imagination choose. Give us a call, pick a location, and we’ll arrange a real traveling restaurant!


If you want to try an exceptional dish, or serve one to your guests, call us! We’ll be happy to study the recipe and prepare even the most difficult dish for you.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know. We’re open to new ideas and new experiences. Share your idea with us and we’ll make it happen for you!